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Collaborative SOC Platform

Speed up your SOC operation and improve your SOC Team efficiency:

- Instance SOC Team Collaboration
- Task Assignment
- Workspace Per Team
- SLAs Per Team
- SIEM One-Click Integration:
- Notifications
- Knowledge Base
- Documentation Library
- Assets Repository
- Reminders
- Automated Threat Intelligence Lookups
- ChatGPT Knowledge Base (Sensitive Data Protection Supported)


SCMP provides a comprehensive set of workflows within a centralized collaborative workspace without the need to rely on email communication or ticketing systems. IR Teams, Threat Teams, IT Admins, and Risk Teams can quickly take actions against cyber threats, look up relevant intelligence, collaborate with other analysts, share IOCs with external communities.

- Classifications
- Support Well-known Standards
- Triage Playbooks
- Visibility Controls
- User Input Enforcement
- Levels of Validation
- Auto Escalation
- Roles & Profiles


SCMP provides a range of integration with internal and external controls to reduce the reliability on human factors

- Notification Systems
- Authentication Systems
- SIME Systems & Security Controls
- Threat Intelligence Providers
- Custom Integration with Internal Systems

Threat Intelligence

SCMP arms you with active/passive threat intelligence lookup so you can proactively defend your organization against cyber threats:

- Network Analysis
- Sandboxing
- File & URL Analysis
- IP & Domain Reputation
- IOCs Lookups
- IOCs Obfuscation
- IOCs Import & Export

Analytic Dashboard

Help your management to take the right decision and your IR Team to connect dots between threats:

- Charts & Tables
- Threat Trends & Patterns
- Threat Associations
- Drill-Down Feature
- Data Visualization
- Data Export
- Responsive Interface
- Dark & Bright Themes
- Organization Custom Theme

Shift Management

SCMP makes shift management easer all in one place.

- Staff Efficiency
- Staff Commitment
- Shift Roaster
- Shift Handover

Other Core Features

SCMP provides intuitive threat visualization and analytics that make information easy to consume and understand:

- Built-in Use Cases
- Reminders
- Activity Audit
- Assets Management
- Reports

ChatGPT Support

With ChatGPT custom interface, cyber security team has access to over 50+ cyber security prompts to help analyze and respond to cyber security threats

Data Leakage Prevention: With this feature you can prevent analyst from sending sensitive information to ChatGPT server such as corporate information including Names, IPs, Domains, or any Regex matching words.
Executive Summary Reports: Save time and write professional executive reports in just a click
Sensitive Data Obfuscation: With this feature, analyst can hide sensitive information through Mapping Technique.

Flexible Deployment

Built to meet your business requirements. SCMP is an affordable, flexible, scalable solution focused on security and collaboration.

On-Premise: If your organization mandates the use of an on-premises solution deployed behind your company firewall, SCMP on-premises deployment approach is right for you.
Private Cloud: Get rid of IT operation overhead. SCMP offers a secure, scalable private cloud.

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