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Keep Trusted Entities Aware of Cyber Threats

Share Cyber Intelligence Information in a Secure Channel

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Enterprise Collaboration

Enable Enterprise to share cyber threats with subsidiaries and trusted entities. The platform allows multiple entities to collaborate with each other and sharing includes:

- Cyber Threats
- Indicators of Compromise
- Indicators of Impacted Assets
- Request For Information
- Metadata Tagging
- Intelligence Feeds
- Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)
- Automation & Orchestration
- ChatGPT Knowledge Base (Sensitive Data Protection Supported)

Community Discussion

Through an interactive discussion feature, trusted entities can post and discuss shared topic as well as sharing knowledge and skills to exchange experience and build strong capabilities.

- Public Discussion
- Internal Discussion
- Private Discussion

Malware Sandbox

CTSP supports out-of-the-box integration with sandboxing technologies to help a threat analyst analyze malware samples in efficient way. Supported technologies:

- Crowdstrike
- Any.Run
- Custom Sandbox

Threat Intelligence

CTSP arms you with active/passive threat intelligence feeds so you can proactively defend your organization against cyber threats:

- Network Analysis
- Sandboxing
- File & URL Analysis
- IP & Domain Reputation
- IOCs Lookups
- IOCs Obfuscation
- IOCs Import & Export:
- Bulk/Single Import
- Import From Files (PDF, Excel, CSV, Text, XML)

Analytic Dashboard

Help your management to take the right decision and your IR Team to connect dots between threats:

- Charts & Tables
- Threat Trends & Patterns
- Threat Associations
- Drill-Down Feature
- Data Visualization
- Data Export
- Responsive Interface

SLA & Escalation

CSTP supports implementing SLAs between the community members to measure the response efficiency:

- Time to Acknowledge
- Time to Response
- Warning Notification
- Escalation Notification


You can use the MITRE-ATT&CK heat map view to support visibility coverage to identify gaps and priorities and moreover to build strong threat hunting scenarios to enhance your overall technique-based detection capabilities.

- Weight Calculation
- MITRE Navigator Linking
- Correlation of Threats

Secure Connection & Exchange

Eliminating the need to rely on traditional channels and mechanisms to share cyber information such Files, Email, SMS, or IM Services. CTSP is a secure web application allowed between trusted entities based on IP-2-IP whitelisting as well as protected by MFA.

ChatGPT Support

With ChatGPT custom interface, cyber security team has access to over 50+ cyber security prompts to help analyze and respond to cyber security threats

Data Leakage Prevention: With this feature you can prevent analyst from sending sensitive information to ChatGPT server such as corporate information including Names, IPs, Domains, or any Regex matching words.
Executive Summary Reports: Save time and write professional executive reports in just a click
Sensitive Data Obfuscation: With this feature, analyst can hide sensitive information through Mapping Technique.

Flexible Deployment

Built to meet your business requirements. SIMP is an affordable, flexible, scalable solution focused on security and collaboration.

On-Premise: If your organization mandates the use of an on-premises solution deployed behind your company firewall, SIMP on-premises deployment approach is right for you.
Private Cloud: Get rid of IT operation overhead. SIMP offers a secure, scalable private cloud.

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